Sidewood Abel & 777 Pinot Noir Vintage may differ from image

Sidewood Abel & 777 Pinot Noir

  • $32.00

We have just managed to get in a very small quantity of two very interesting Pinot's from Sidewood in the Adelaide Hills.

The 777 and Abel are two single clonal selection Pinot Noirs. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, a clone in this context is not a sci-fi monster or a GM product; rather it refers to a single vegetative propagation of a parent plant. Or put another way, all the vines in these wines come from one single parent vine.

Single clone Pinots have been getting some attention lately as some people consider them the ultimate end point of transparent wine making. Whether or not one agrees with that, these are compelling wines and a wonderful way to further develop your Pinot Passion!

Clone 777 is internationally very popular as it ripens quickly and has a deep color and relatively high tannin. Whereas Abel is grown mostly in New Zealand and Australia and has a fable behind it that it was smuggled out of the vineyards of the hallowed DRC (Domaine de Romanee Conti).

Both of these are available in very small quantities at $32 each. 



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