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Matsu 'El Recio'

Region: Spain

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About the Winery

From among the extraordinary quality vineyards of D. O. Toro, Vintae’s technical team has selected true centenarian, or almost centenarian, gems from which a top quality grape is obtained. These vineyards produce the Tinta de Toro variety; are between 80 and 100 years of age and have a very low yield per vine; are located in very poor land; and are cultivated following the area’s tradition of not interfering with the natural processes and the pace set by nature, while using in many cases techniques employed in biodynamic agriculture.

The soils on which these vines grow are sandy and composed of sandstone, clay and Pliocene limestone. Altitude changes in each plot of land are practically non-existent; all the vineyards are located between 650 and 735 metres in the typical undulating land present in this area.

Grand Cru Review

The second of 3 in the Matsu range this wine introduces oak characters and 90-100 year old vines. 'El Recio' which roughly translates to 'The Tough One' is big, rich and full of vanilla oak. The nose is intense with notes of black fruit, chocolate and vanilla. The palate continues with the intense fruit but, adds complexity and depth. 

Details     Look     Smell  
Varietal: Tempranillo   Intensity:  Deep   Black Fruit / Vanilla / Chocolate
Vintage:  2014   Colour:  Purple    
Region:  Spain        
Producer: Matsu          

Intense Black Fruit / Vanilla

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